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Ser­vices from a single source

Cus­to­mised ser­vices to meet your chal­lenges

Through the wealth of expe­rience we have gained during the last thirty years from numerous pro­jects within the nuclear industry, and with a team of expe­ri­enced employees, DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH is capable of solving even complex and dif­ficult tasks
We will develop a spe­cific solution for each of your requi­re­ments.


Trans­por­tation of radioactive waste and heavy com­ponents as a com­plete logistics solution.

Trans­por­tation of radioactive waste


Our Irra­diated and Other Radioactive Mate­rials business unit offers not only pure trans­por­tation ser­vices, but also com­plete logistics solu­tions that take eco­lo­gical and eco­nomic aspects into account

We work con­stantly with our customers on opti­mizing the trans­por­tation of their goods.

Based on these con­si­de­ra­tions, a “multi-purpose trailer” has been deve­loped, designed and manu­fac­tured in coope­ration with a customer, with which all types of Konrad con­tainer and also 20′ and 40 con­tainers can be trans­ported by road.

Trans­por­tation of other radioactive mate­rials

Our experts in the BSR transport other radioactive mate­rials, con­ta­mi­nated service equipment, etc., worldwide, using all car­riers, and are sup­ported in the process by con­tract partners in Russia, Egypt, Slo­venia, Hungary, China and others.

Obtaining transport permits in the coun­tries con­cerned in the transport movement is just as much a part of our range of ser­vices as stowage, transport security and under­taking packaging duties

Trans­por­tation of heavy radioactive com­ponents


Since 1995, unique expe­rience has been gained in the trans­por­tation of radioactive, wide and high loads and heavy com­ponents by all modes of transport (truck, rail, inland waterway and seagoing vessels).

The trans­por­tation of a com­plete reactor pressure vessel by rail and the trans­por­tation of steam gene­rators by road, rail, inland waterway and seagoing vessel is par­ti­cu­larly worthy of mention here.

Just last year, con­ta­mi­nated and activated parts of an acce­le­rator were trans­ported from Switz­erland to China by heavy haulage truck and seagoing vessel.

Secure trans­por­tation


Category I and II secure transport move­ments are managed exclu­sively by DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH in Germany.

The security and escort vehicles required for this, and the Transport Ope­ra­tions Center required for such transport move­ments, are kept at our customer’s dis­posal.


With its NUCLEAR FUEL LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT, DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH. is a leader in the trans­por­tation and ser­vices business.

DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH Nuclear Fuels Rail Logistics Department (BES) is a leading pro­vider of trans­por­tation and logistics ser­vices in the nuclear fuel logistics business

The main focus is on major pro­jects, such as managing secure transport move­ments with spent fuel ele­ments from power and research reactors, and returning high and medium-level waste from repro­cessing plants to the German interim storage loca­tions (ZL) using a tri­modal trans­por­tation system.

In addition, the BES port­folio includes the management of rail trans­por­tation of various uranium pro­ducts in the uranium enrichment field (U3O8, UF6).

Tog­ether with our Group member, heavy load haulier DAHER PRO­JECTS GmbH, the Nuclear Fuels Rail Logistics Department has done pioneering work with the con­cepts deve­loped for the secure transport move­ments to the former repro­cessing plant and to the German interim storage loca­tions (e.g. HAW transport move­ments to Gor­leben and moving fuel ele­ments from Obrigheim nuclear power station to interim storage at Neckar­westheim). We are still very proud of this today. We are still very proud of this today.


Orga­ni­zation and management of worldwide front-end trans­por­tation of non-irra­diated radioactive material

With thirty years of expe­rience, the KBU Business Unit orga­nizes the worldwide trans­por­tation of non-irra­diated radioactive material in the form of

  • yellow cake
  • Uranium hexa­fluoride (UF6)
  • Uranium oxide powder and pellets (UO2)
  • Fuel Ele­ments

and is thus an important service pro­vider on the worldwide nuclear fuels circle, this of course with the aim of opti­mising transport routes, including obtaining or pro­viding the necessary inter­na­tional transport permits.

With an annual transport volume of appro­xi­mately 100 security category III deli­veries, the zero-error principle is always our top priority. A well-trained team of experts with many years of expe­rience is always at your dis­posal here.

With our own fleet, branch offices and rep­re­sen­ta­tives, we offer our customers a unique com­plete service package.

It is our aim, to always improve the status quo through inno­vation. Thus we try to offer new and effi­cient trans­por­tation solu­tions to every chal­lenge, every day.

Besides the actual transport planning and management itself, the company’s range of ser­vices also includes the leasing of our own

  • 30 “cylinders
  • BTP
  • Pro­tective con­tainers (UX30 + DN 30)
  • 20″ flat Rack Con­tainers

to the company’s range of ser­vices.


Our engi­neers create con­tainer and packaging con­cepts, manage the official approvals pro­ce­dures and accompany the manu­facture of the con­tainers.



Expe­ri­enced engi­neers are available for the deve­lopment of new con­tainer con­cepts, for the accep­tance pro­cedure and for their manu­facture.

Con­tainers for the trans­por­tation of radioactive mate­rials have to go through a complex approval process in order to ensure that even if there is an accident during trans­por­tation, there can be no danger to people and the envi­ronment.

Planning and design


DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH has a multi-disci­plinary team of experts for the deve­lopment and aut­ho­ri­zation of new con­tainer con­cepts and for the main­tenance of existing con­tainer approvals.

Important com­ponents of con­tainer deve­lopment, besides the afo­re­men­tioned security ana­lyses, are the design expertise and the creation of pro­duction drawings by our tech­nical drau­ghtsmen, using current design tools (3D-CAD, ren­dering).


1. Struc­tural mecha­nical cal­cu­la­tions

1.1 Dynamic and quasi-static cal­cu­la­tions using LS-DYNA

  • Cal­cu­la­tions using LS-DYNA
  • Cal­cu­lation of drop tests
  • Recal­cu­lation of material tests
  • Contact modelling
  • Modelling of bolted and welded joints to meet requi­re­ments
  • Strain rate-dependent material
  • Material failures
  • Coupled thermal-mecha­nical ana­lyses

1.2 Static cal­cu­la­tions using ANSYS Mecha­nical

  • Linear and non-linear
  • Contact pro­blems
  • Detailed cal­cu­la­tions based on sub­models
  • Detailed ana­lysis of welds based on the struc­tural stress and­notch stress concept
  • Coupled thermal-mecha­nical ana­lyses

1.3 Static strength veri­fi­cation and fatigue strength and fatigue life veri­fi­cation in accordance with the FKM gui­deline
1.4 Bolt design according to VDI 2230
1.5 Veri­fi­ca­tions for pressure vessels in accordance with the AD  2000 leaflets
1.6 Veri­fi­ca­tions for load securing con­cepts in accordance with DIN EN 12195 and VDI  2700

2. Thermal cal­cu­la­tions

2.1 Sta­tionary and tran­sient cal­cu­la­tions using ANSYS Mecha­nical

  • Simu­lation of com­bustion pro­cesses taking into account phase changes and heat generation
  • Taking into con­si­de­ration heat con­duction, con­vection and radiation
  • Thermal contact modelling
  • Deri­vation of con­vection boundary con­di­tions based on the VDI heat atlas

3. Nuclear safety ana­lyses

3.1 Cal­cu­la­tions using the SCALE program package

  • Deter­mining dose rates for neutron and gamma sources
  • Cri­ti­cality safety ana­lyses
  • Burnup com­pu­tation for deter­mining source terms and com­po­sition of fuel

3.2 Release ana­lyses according to ISO 12807


DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH is licensed in accordance with the Radiation Pro­tection Ordi­nance to handle and store low-level radioactive mate­rials in in two storage buil­dings at the Hanau site

A third storage building is cur­r­ently in the process of being approved.


At the Hanau site, a total of 2000m² storage space is available in two storage buil­dings for low-level radioactive, packaged waste.

A § 7 radiation pro­tection permit exists for both storage buil­dings (unli­mited). In both buil­dings, cranes are installed for handling packaging (mostly stan­dar­di­zed­con­tainers).

A building app­li­cation has been sub­mitted for a further building with an addi­tional 2000m² of storage space; the docu­ments for the approval according to radiation pro­tection are to a large extent com­plete.

In addition, the site includes the pos­si­bility to store e.g. radioac­tively con­ta­mi­nated plant and equipment in approved 20’ con­tainers. These outdoor storage buil­dings also have radiation pro­tection permits according to § 7. Mobile cranes are used for handling in the outdoor storage buil­dings.



DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH offers main­tenance, testing, repair and service of access­ories for con­tainers from the entire front-end area.

DAHER NUCLEAR TECH­NO­LOGIES GmbH has its own fleet of inter­na­tio­nally approved transport con­tainers with the necessary access­ories for handling.

Where required, addi­tional transport con­tainers can be made available to our customers via existing usage agree­ments.